Nothing fancy. just a candle in a cup. It's almost as if Glade's sole purpose was to cover up lingering annoyances in life.

And that idea—quite literally—stinks.

When you think of a Glade scented candle,
what do you see?

A bathroom candle.

A Single Challenge.

Our task was to target single millennial women. Major candle companies claim that scented candles are something fancy, and are therefore best suited for couples. But the lack of a love life shouldn't dictate a lack of love for nice smells.

A new direction.

Slowly but surely, millennials are learning how to adult. But forming new habits is a struggle when it comes to

working out, working late, or working to find your way. Adulting is demotivating at times.

Millennials just need a little extra inscentive to achieve their goals.

Glade's new look provides single millennial women the incentive to achieve their goalsthrough scented candles created for a specific purpose.

We named our candles after specific tasks and separated them into four categories:

Stress Relief, Focus, Social, and Motivation.

Throw a link to a product of your choosing into your shopping cart as you order. As you reach your goal,

a heat-activated chip in the bottom of the candle automatically sends over your reward.

Customize your subscription box to cater to your personal goals. connect your smart tracker to glade's inscentive calendar to earn more bang for your box.

To launch our campaign, we set up pop-ups in several cities that coincide with Glade's new categories, including spas,

cafés, bars, and yoga sessions.