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Ha. Look at this dork.

Oh wait... That's me. I'm the dork.


Some dorky thoughts I've had recently:

-Cereal is soup.

-Aliens are time-traveling humans from another planet.

-Mirakle B. is the Scrappy-Doo of Pokémon trainers.

-The secret to a long and happy life is to understand EVERYONE.

About this dork:

I love puns in-context and never the ones you see on a T-shirt.

(But maybe sometimes.)

I love animated shows. Everything that happens to an animated  character is REAL for them.

I love surprises, new perspectives, and absurd ways to morph the almighty letter clumps into a sensical sentence of nonsense.

And most of all, anonymous reader, you beautiful pair of eyes:

I love being a dork.

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