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The Superfan Contest invites a small group of creators, makers, and builders to System76 HQ for a tour,
as well as a round-table discussion about our current and future products.

The experience included a mission to establish a System76 base in the Thelio System, the star system where the technology to create our desktops originated.

Before we settled in this advanced corner of the galaxy, we needed recruits to help us find it.


Marketing Director: Joshua Woolery | Designer: Kate Hazen | Production: Studio C3

After arriving at S76 Space Command, our brave recruits separated into three groups and briefed with Björn, who manages our human supply. Err...Human "Resources".

One by one, the groups departed to travel the galaxy. Björn gave the latter groups an additional mission: Rescue the ones who left before you.


Production: Lumenati

The recruits drove rovers, landed spacecraft, excavated a planet, fought off an army of space invaders, and met the mythical keeper of knowledge, Carl.

The groups combined the clues they excavated to reveal the passphrase, a nod to open source:

We stand on the shoulders

Of the giants who came before us
So we may one day reach the stars.

And so, Carl disclosed the location of the Thelio System. Mission complete.

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